monoZ, in partnership with several connectivity players, aims to provide safe, secure and affordable cellular connectivity for your IoT device.

Mesimo x docomo

Closed architecture

With specialized Mesimo private gateway, Mesimo private network bypasses the internet while using docomo network available all over Japan. Information is securely guarded with a completely closed network via IP-VPN.

Dedicated servers

Through the docomo network, data is uninterruptedly handled by dedicated data centers that comply with 4 guidelines of 3 ministries in Japan. Internet bypass is achieved using dedicated connection support with Azure.

No more fixed plans

Say goodbye to data plans and tailor your usage needs from our various options. Flat-rate plan / pay-as-you-go plan / share plans (annual, SIM-to-SIM share) / bandwidth contract plan / price plan per usage and more.

Mesimo x 1NCE

Global availability

monoZ has created strategic partnership 1NCE to offer radio services in over 100 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania, without having to deal with different contracts and billing arrangements.

Flat Rate

With our strategic partnership with the most cost affordable IoT connectivity provider in the globe you can avail data packages as low as 10 Euros for 10 years validity.

Addon services

Purchase 1NCE along with our cloud services and leave the initial burden of sim card registration, provisioning, onboarding to us.

Mesimo x SoftBank

Speciality services

SoftBank IoT support lineup for industrial connectivity solutions including LPWA, thereby enabling long-distance communication at low cost and low power consumption, including NB-IoT.

NIDD technology

monoZero 1WG x monoZ SDK x SoftBank Sim card gives access to use Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) technology for NB-IoT which eliminates headers thereby drastically reducing the size of data packets.

Specialised Platform

monoZero 1WG x SoftBank sim card also give access to specialised platforms that support a wide variety of communication networks and can store data in a carrier-grade secure environment at low cost.

Data anywhere, anytime with monoZ: Cloud solutions

Choose between PaaS or SaaS, and manage, visualise & analyse data from millions of devices through our Centra-IoT cloud platform. Connect to know more.

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